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Monster Ball is a pong inspired arena game for up to 4 players. It’s a local party game where players take control of  1 of 6 unique monsters and compete in hilarious and intense team matches.The core mechanics are simple to understand, but the gameplay is intense. Invite some friends over and compete for MVM ( Most Valuable Monster ).



Monster Ball started development in January 2017 and was formerly known as project smash. It was prototyped to be a physics based brawler where players threw objects in an environment at each other to do damage. The only items that were fun to hit around were round, so we started brainstorming ideas to utilise the round object and thus, Monsterball was born. The game is now in full development and is on track to release before the end of the year.





  • Single Player, Brick Breaker Mode: Play for a high score in the classic arcade game mode or invite a friend along for the fun.

  • Multiplayer matches: Use your skills to defeat your opponents. 1vs1,2v2 or 3v1

  • Hectic fast paced matches

  • Unique game arenas: Experience great arenas all with their own little twist.

  • Full Controller Support

  • Tight player control

  • Sweet upbeat soundtrack




Monsterball Gameplay Video

Monsterball Anouncemnet Trailer



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About Joystick Jockey


We're an indie game studio based in London working on a new game. We believe in putting gameplay and multiplayer first. Long live split screen .


Monsterball Credits


Pierre Joshua

Animator, Motion Designer, 2D Artist, Game Design


Johan Hallén

Developer, Engineer

Jade Bailey


Andrea Giachini



Ali Tocher

Sound Designer



  • The Old Man

  • Has played more games than any of the other competitors

  • Teaches how to work the body on weekends

  • Is very self-conscious of the grays in their fur and is currently considering dyeing

  • Experience has taught him the most valuable lesson of all: always brush your teeth before bed

  • Favours prune juice due to its reputation as “a warrior’s drink”


  • The Once and Future King

  • Former 4-season MVP

  • Returning to the game after a horrible tooth sharpening accident left them on the sidelines for the last season

  • Sharp teeth, sharp ears, can’t lose

  • Has no idea why Crumbo seems so mad at them all the time

  • Will order “turf and turf” at any restaurant that offers the more common coastal variant


  • The Tactician

  • Believes in a solid grounding in the fundamentals of the game, coupled with a strong strategic mind

  • Considers Ortorous as their only true rival on the field, and will stop at nothing to better them

  • Has deep-rooted jealousy of all the other players’ eyebrows

  • Refuses to discuss their “brow envy” with their therapist

  • Snacks on sushi due to its “brain food” reputation


  • The Rising Star

  • Always keeps one eye on the ball, one eye on their rivals, and one eye on the crown

  • Has been vegan for the last 4 years

  • Whenever asked about his eating habits claims “Just wanted something light”

  • Despite 4 years of this, no one has realised they’re vegan

  • Makes a pretty great mushroom risotto


  • The Berserker

  • Is out here to prove that depth perception isn’t necessary to be a champion

  • Record holder for the most number of complete-game turnarounds

  • Has a very one-sided rivalry with Grimlock due to their “3D vision”

  • Would describe their passion as “truck-like”

  • Loves hot wings, is undefeated by even the spiciest varieties